Think of your core values as a family of small pets who come with you everywhere you go. 🐶🦊🐭🐷🐥

👉🏼 You are responsible for learning their names.

👉🏼 For feeding them and keeping them healthy.

👉🏼 For knowing their likes/dislikes.


👉🏼 For respecting them (if you want to have…

We accept things in our life that we think are normal — even if they’re not ideal (or sometimes shitty).

I remember when I used to live in a below-ground apartment. 🏠

Every morning, there would be these tiny jumping bugs in the shower.

And I thought that was to…

👉🏼 It is an honour to be a coach.

It’s an honour to listen to someone’s dreams — especially the ones they’ve never spoken of before.

It is an honour to hold possibility for someone until they feel prepared to step in and claim it for themselves.

It’s an honour…

👉🏼 Here’s the thing about “waiting to be ready”.

It’s horizon line thinking.

You can see the thing you want in the distance.

You know “eventually” if you stay on track, you’ll get to it.

You know that “being ready” is inevitable.

But you don’t believe you’re ready “yet”.


Last week, I crashed into a tree while snowboarding and fucked up my knee a bit. 🌲

It got me thinking.

👉🏼 A sprained knee is a lot like a limiting story in the mind.

It all starts when you crash into a tree.

When you have a painful experience.

Consistency is the special sauce that MAKES stuff work. 🤩

It’s magic.

It’s the most powerful tool you have to build the life you want. 🌱

Consistency is more than “giving it a go”.

It’s more than “trying”.

👉🏼 It’s a commitment.

To make your results happen.

To follow through…

Sometimes, you gotta LET your brain tell you its fears instead of pretending everything’s fine.

You gotta give the fear AIR TIME. 🗣

It’s like your brain is a toddler trying to interrupt your conversation to tell you that it’s hungry.

You have a few options:

A) You pretend you…

The best part about an opportunity to “rise to the challenge” is that you do.

Pretty much always.

An opportunity to level up to get something you want unlocks resourcefulness you didn’t know you had.

Think about it:

If your best friend was getting married in the Bahamas, you’d find…

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I’m Jill. I’m a life coach. I teach decision making for a happy and sustainable life. 1:1 mindset & values coaching.

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